Ideal Customer Profile Outline

Aaron Ross wrote a book in 2011 called “Predictable Revenue” which introduced to the sales world quite a few new ways of how to run a sales team. One of those was this notion of creating an “Ideal Customer Profile” or ICP to use data to hone in on the type of customer that would allow you to grow revenue for your company more predictably.

Ok, Great, where do I start?

The best way to go about this is to identify which questions are worth asking your ideal customers. Here are some ideas to get you started - what I would suggest is you copy and paste into a google doc and answer them directly there. From there, feel free to share them with me at

Firmographics (Company Profile Information)

  • What’s the size of the organization?

    • Number of Employees:

    • Estimated Revenue:

    • Estimated Number of Customers:

    • How much has the company raised:

  • Which industry or niche? (Examples would include Saas, healthcare, fintech, advertising, etc.)

  • Where are they located? (Geographic region? City, State, Country? Urban vs Rural?)

  • How long have they already been in business?

  • What’s their culture like, what values do they practice?

  • What type of technologies are they using that can be searched for that will make them likely to buy what you are selling (otherwise known as Technographics)?

Demographics (Information on an Individual Contact or Person)

  • What is the Title(s) of the Contact or Buyer? (CEO, Founder, VP of Sales, etc.)

  • Geography of Person:

  • Years in Position / Seniority:

  • Estimated Headcount (if manager or executive)?

  • School or University (if relevant)?

  • Proximity (Degrees of Connection - example would be only 1st and 2nd degree connections)?

Customer Questions

  • What’s the number one reason that would make them decide to buy your solution? 

  • What goal do they want to achieve with your solution?

  • How are they currently trying to achieve this goal?

  • What’s their buying process like?

  • Did they ever make a purchasing decision to fulfill the need? If yes, how often did they already do this? 

  • What kind of tools or services are they using?

  • What words do they use to describe their product or service?

  • What’s their awareness stage? Do they already know your product and just aren’t motivated enough to buy? Do they know the end-result they want but not that your solution is capable of delivering it? Do they know that they have a problem, but have no idea how to solve it? Aren’t they even aware of the problem, and need to be educated of the fact that they have a tremendous opportunity for improvement?