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Travis Wallis

Welcome. My name is Travis, nice to meet you. I'm a human. Flawed. That has way more to learn than I can teach.

I’m here to connect, build, explore, and serve. My latest company is called Time Advisors where we work with CEOs and Fund Managers to help them accelerate their fundraising processes leveraging social and professional networks. We help people make it easy to ask all of the people they have helped throughout the years to help them fund their dreams. From investor identification, to mapping out the pathways to capital, to building automation that enables teams to field warm introductions at scale arriving to their inbox.

I believe that the flow of capital dictates what ideas flourish. Unfortunately, that means that competent people with great hearts may be overtaken by people that are more capitalized. Why we are building Time Advisors is to explore a way to try and balance that out.

Professional Background

I most recently Co-Founded and served as the Chief Solutions Officer of OutboundWorks, an automated, account based b2b lead generation company. Our mission was simple. Sales teams need appointments with qualified leads and were losing staff faster than they could replace them. We set out to provide a technology solution that could deliver 1.5x the results for 60% of the cost using systematic process, data, automation, and empathy on behalf of customers. Turns out human interaction can’t be fully automated, but patterns can be applied ;). And we would stick around longer than a typical SDR. We raised from True Ventures and NextGen Venture Partners — the company is scaling, has acquired two companies to date.

Before OutboundWorks, I incubated the idea for the company inside of TH₃ORY, a technology focused sales consultancy where I was working with venture firms; was Co-Founder of Hifi Digital, a millennial-focused micro-learning company; served as VP, Revenue (Membership Sales) for FACTORY, a stealth, venture backed innovation membership network and human accelerator in San Francisco (this was ridiculously fun); and served as VP of Product and Sales at PeopleBrowsr, a social media analytics company. The most impactful part of my early career was being Taylor Milsal’s assistant / right hand / VP . Taylor is one of the most iconic, thoughtful, and intelligent women I’ve ever encountered. I’m so grateful for our time together and her training.

In my short life, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot from both failure and success. What I have developed (sometimes, unintentionally) is the ability to recognize patterns and connections between people that others may not see or think about using applied theory. The last 10 years has lead to me where I am now, and it all seemingly had to happen in the specific way it did for things to line up. Every book I read provides me with more arsenal.


Listening is the best education. Second only to a teacher who can recognize patterns in you that you can not or do not want to see, and can guide you towards growth.

My Mother has been my greatest teacher. She custom build curriculum for both me and my sister even before we entered kindergarden. She insisted that neither she or others speak to us like we were children. Dinner each night was ALWAYS accompanied by a question: “What did you learn today?” Seems like a normal question, but this question has weight to me. My Mom wanted an ACTUAL answer. And it had to be good. With this question she trained in us that we had one job as children: to learn. If you are looking to have your kids be insatiably curious, I’m sure she has some tips. Mom, thank you for on-going, ever-present, and continued education.

My Father was an applied mathematician, carpenter, architect, mechanic, hunter, farmer, photographer, fisherman and poet that instilled in me that I could do anything if I sought some instruction and put my mind to it. To this day, I’ve never met a man with more raw cognitive ability than him. He could see things that many others seemingly couldn’t, and the math always checked out. The things my Dad could do other people just could’t do. Thanks for those memories, Dad.

I attended post-graduate studies at Albion College earning a BA in Political & Economic Theory as a Presidential Fellow. Learning social skills as an awkward, know-it-all, semi-country kid were the highlight of my undergraduate career. Most importantly, there was one teacher at Albion that taught me how the value of critical thinking and believed in my capability to do great things. I owe him more than I can voice, despite at that time having quite a tough personality (me, not him) and being very difficult to teach. Thank you Dr. P for your patience, discipline and service. After graduating, I sought out teachers and mentors that would push me beyond my boundaries. In August, 2019, I’m going to list all of my mentors.

Some big ones: Taylor Milsal, Lawrence Levy, Segyu Rinpoche, Mike Parsons, Tom Chi, Matt Dorey, Deanna Brown, James Oury, Zander Ford

Most Recent Life

I recently moved to Marina Del Rey / Venice in Los Angeles after living in San Francisco for a decade. I have a morning practice, am a student of yoga, meditation, qi gong and eastern philosophy. I train on the beach each morning, recommend Sadhguru’s inner engineering, and finding someone to mentor. Mentoring and public speaking has taught me more about what I don’t know than I could ever voice.

Thank you for this life and allowing me to serve.