Travis Wallis

I'm a human that likes to connect, build, and innovate. My latest company is called Time Advisors where we work with blockchain companies with economic and community development. 


I most recently co-founded and served as Chief Solutions Office of OutboundWorks, an automated, account based b2b lead generation company. Our discovery was that we could provide 1.5x the results of Sales Development Reps (SDRs) at 65% of the cost using systematic process, data, automation, and empathy on behalf of customers. The company is scaling and is backed by True Ventures and NextGen Venture Partners. 

Before that I started TH₃ORY, a technology focused sales consultancy; was Co-Founder of Hifi Digital, a millennial-focused micro-learning company; served as VP, Revenue (Membership Sales) for FACTORY, a stealth, venture backed innovation membership network; and served as VP of Product and Sales at PeopleBrowsr, a social media analytics company.

At this point, I've developed a special skill: taking companies from zero to something. Where I have specific expertise is recognizing patterns and finding connections between people that they may not see. 


I've learned more from conversations and working late than anywhere else. I learned early in my life to seek out teachers, having them is so important. I attended graduate studies and earned a BA in Political & Economic Theory from Albion College where I was a Presidential Fellow. I mostly learned social skills in college. Most importantly there was a teacher there that taught me how to critically think and believed in my capabilities to do great things. I owe him more than I can voice, despite at that time being an obnoxious, know-it-all, kid.

I currently live in the Bay Area and am learning yoga, practicing meditation, and studying zen buddhism, love. I'm also mentoring a few kids. They teach me more than I could ever teach them.