Travis Wallis

Travis Wallis currently serves as a Co-Founder and Chief Solutions Office of OutboundWorks, an automated, account based b2b lead generation company that uses systematic process, data, and empathy to enable our team to produce.

Travis previously ran TH₃ORY, a technology focused sales consultancy that helps early stage and mid market companies drive predictable revenue while reducing costs. Previously, Travis served as a Co-Founder and Relationship Architect of Hifi Digital, a millennial-focused micro-learning company based in San Francisco.

Travis served as an early employee and VP, Revenue (Membership Sales) for FACTORY, a stealth, venture backed innovation membership network in San Francisco. He was responsible for building out the business model and worked alongside executives from GE, P&G, Sony, Levi’s, Nike, IBM and others to advance the pace of innovation within companies through a learning-by-doing rapid prototyping process.

Travis cut his teeth as the VP of Product & Sales at PeopleBrowsr, a social media analytics company where he built multiple revenue streams and products for Salesforce, PepsiCo, eBay, NBC Universal, Universal McCann, GM, and Oracle. His relationship began with PeopleBrowsr through founding and creating PeopleBrowsr Labs, San Francisco’s first Social Media Accelerator.

Travis graduated with a BA in Political & Economic Theory from Albion College where he was a Presidential Fellow. He's spends most Saturdays in silence, is a practicing Buddhist, and enjoys working out and getting out of the city. Spending time with his friends & family, helping people without conditions, buying dinners anonymously, hosting dinner parties, and taking trips around the world photographing moments are all interest areas.